Fictitious and DBA name registration

Operate under a fictitious business name

If you want to operate under a different business name, you’ll need to make a DBA filing (“Doing Business As”). DBA filings legally allow all types of companies to do business under a name that differs to the official registered company name. Also known as a fictitious business name, a DBA name registration can help with company rebrands, allow businesses to operate in new markets, and provide sole proprietorships with more privacy.

One business can have many DBA names; however, a DBA filing for each one will be necessary. If you’re looking to make a DBA filing but unsure of where to begin, we can help. At Corporate Creations, we offer comprehensive DBA services to streamline and expedite the entire process for you.

Why choose our DBA name registration services?

Fast and reliable DBA filings

Our DBA service is fast and thorough; we’ll research where your fictitious business name needs to be registered and handle all paperwork before submitting the DBA filing online. We’ll ensure that your DBA name registration is active as soon as possible, so you can start doing business immediately.

Convenient continuous service

Once your DBA is registered, it will need to be renewed. With our continuous DBA services, we’ll manage your DBA renewal. Whether you have one DBA or thousands, you can rely on Corporate Creations to manage your entire DBA portfolio.

Support from entity compliance experts

The team at Corporate Creations is well-versed in compliance and legal matters regarding all aspects of business for LLCs, C Corporations, S Corporations, and more. When we manage your DBA filings, we’ll know what requirements are necessary and be able to support you through the entire process thanks to years of knowledge and expertise.

Avoid costly setbacks

Registering one or more DBA names can be a time-consuming process involving a lot of paperwork. By working with Corporate Creations, you can save time and money since we’ll ensure you avoid costly errors that sometimes occur when registering DBA names.

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