Nominee Manager

For many, the use of a nominee manager is a simple and effective way to maintain private business matters private and to make the business owner a less attractive target for potential lawsuits, solicitations or other nuisances.

Nominee manager service is not about hiding things. It is about keeping private business matters private vis-a-vis on line records readily available to the general public. The Secretary of State (or equivalent agency) in each jurisdiction in the U.S. looks to that jurisdiction's business statutes to determine what information it must collect and maintain in order for business entities to remain in compliance with the minimum disclosure requirements in that jurisdiction. For LLCs, the general requirement is to list the managers or the members of the LLC. Corporate Creations can provide a corporate nominee to appear as manager of the LLC in state on line public records. This is significant because the publicly available information relating to the LLC becomes that of the corporate nominee manager, not the business owner's. The owner can now limit and better control who has their information. Further, the owner of the LLC retains all operational authority and remains in full and complete control of the LLC. The owner retains sole signature authority over any bank or other financial accounts, the owner retains the sole right to enter any lease arrangements or other contracts, etc. The corporate nominee does not touch or have any access or signature authority over any funds or company bank or financial accounts associated with the LLC. Also, the owner of the LLC can, at any time, remove the nominee manager from the LLC if they so choose. The nominee manager thus preserves the business owner's privacy by satisfying the legal requirement for an LLC to have one or more listed managers.

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