Delaware resident trustee services

Obtain a Delaware resident trustee service for your entity

Corporate Creations provides Delaware resident trustee services to help companies satisfy the requirements set out in Section 3807(a) of the Delaware Act. This act states that every statutory trust must have an in-state trustee, and our service is able to fulfill this statutory responsibility so that you can comply with Delaware laws when forming your business.

Why choose our Delaware trustee services?

Assistance with trust formation

We know the ins and outs of Delaware’s Trustee in State requirements. We can assist with the formation of your trust, and ensure you comply with the requirements while appointing a preferred person to manage your trust, even if they reside outside the state.

Registered agent support

Delaware statute states that trusts must have a registered agent to receive Service of Process on behalf of the trust. Corporate Creations offers complete registered agent services across the entire United States, meaning we can support you in this area.

Compliance experts

The team at Corporate Creations understands the various compliance requirements across U.S. states. When you use our Delaware trustee service, you can ensure you’ll meet all legal obligations since we fully understand what is required.

Dedicated support

With our resident trustee services, you’ll have 24/7 support at your side. Our responsive support agents will be able to assist you with whatever you need and be there every step of the way to help.

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No one’s better than Corporate Creations… Thank you – you guys saved the day. Great service!

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Always grateful for the wonderful service you provide. You’re the best! What would we do without you…seriously!

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