Independent director services and SPEs

Independent director services for Special Purpose Entities

Complex business transactions, such as those involving real estate or building projects, usually call for Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) and independent director services. These high-risk transactions need additional protection, which is where Corporate Creations comes in.

Our independent director services (or independent manager services for LLCs) for SPEs help law firms, borrowers, and lenders during corporate transactions. Our team of experts can execute and return documents in short timeframes, ensuring your deal is completed on time.

We also offer Springing Member services. Our Springing Members are available at a moment’s notice and will act in a responsive and informed manner if they need to be deployed.

Why choose our independent director services?

company protection icon
Company protection

If you need a Special Purpose Entity, you likely require additional protection from financial risk. An Independent Director will safeguard against voluntary bankruptcy petitions from shareholders, members, partners, directors, or managers, ensuring that your business remains safe during complex transactions.

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Experienced professionals

The Corporate Creations team consists of experienced professionals who understand the ins and outs of these specific business transactions and what is needed to carry them out.

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Quick turnaround

We understand the pressure and time sensitivity to make appointments and finalize transactions before closing date deadlines. Our team will work round-the-clock to ensure you can complete important transactions on time.

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Dedicated support

Our independent manager services are available whenever you need them. Our team consists of qualified professionals who will be happy to assist you with your specific requirements.

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We are a needy bunch and Corporate Creations is a great partner… Thank you both for your help and support. My mind is at ease.

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No one’s better than Corporate Creations… Thank you – you guys saved the day. Great service!

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Always grateful for the wonderful service you provide. You’re the best! What would we do without you…seriously!

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