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Choosing the right name for your company or corporation can be a long and complicated process; you need to select something memorable, that perfectly describes your business. More importantly, the name must be available, oftentimes across multiple states. If you’re not yet at the point of formally filing your business name, then making a business name reservation is a must, to secure use of the name in your chosen state(s).

Corporate Creations can assist you with your business name search and reservation process. Each U.S. state has different business name reservation requirements, and we can ensure that your chosen business name is verified everywhere you plan on operating.

Why choose our business name search and reservation services?

Representation across all 50 U.S. states

We offer representation across all 50 states, meaning we can help with your business name search wherever you operate. From checking a business name's availability to reserving a business name, we will assist with verification and reservation to ensure the name is available in each state you wish to use it in.

Expert knowledge of state regulations

Since Corporate Creations operates across the entirety of the U.S., we are well-versed in company name availability checks and business name reservations. We understand that each state has different timeframes for reserving names, and that, in some states, a deeper investigation is necessary to see if a name is available for use.

Save time and money

Avoid running into costly and time-consuming mishaps and let us handle your business name registration. Failure to properly reserve a business name or understand how to do so could result in expensive issues further down the line.

Additional business support

After reserving your business name, we can assist with your business formation or incorporation, and help you with a DBA registration. Corporate Creations offers a wide range of compliance services, delivered by experts within the field.

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No one’s better than Corporate Creations… Thank you – you guys saved the day. Great service!

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