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Stay compliant in certain states with a notice of publication

In some U.S. states, it is mandatory to make a legal notice publication when you incorporate, start an LLC, register a foreign entity, or file a DBA. New York, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are the most commonly requested locations for Corporate Creation’s legal notice services since these states have proper public notice laws that businesses must adhere to.

Corporate Creations can help you comply with public notice requirements by circulating notice of your corporate entity filing in local newspapers. Our comprehensive service removes the stress of meeting legal notice requirements as we handle everything for you to ensure you stay compliant.

Why choose our legal notice publication services?

Stay compliant

In some states, if you fail to make proper public notice when registering or creating your company, then you’ll be non-compliant and could face legal issues. We’ll be able to inform you whether you need to make a legal notice and take the appropriate steps to help you.

Representation across all 50 U.S. states

Notice of publication is a requirement in many U.S. states, with the laws differing. For example, the state of New York requires companies to make two public notices of the company’s corporate registration. Our team works across all 50 states and can ensure that you meet these requirements wherever you’re based.

Expert support

Corporate Creations team is made up of compliance experts who understand the ins and out of business regulatory requirements. We’ll ensure you stay compliant and guide you through the legal notice publication process with dedicated support.

Comprehensive service

Our team will handle the entire public notice process for you, so that you can sit back and focus on other business matters. We’ll select the appropriate newspaper or journal for your legal notice publication and handle all related matters on your behalf.

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