A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character code consisting of letters and numbers and is necessary for certain entities to demonstrate data including ownership information. If you operate a legal entity involved in financial transactions, such as funds and trusts, then you need an LEI, and must renew it annually to ensure all data is up to date.

Corporate Creations can assist with Legal Entity Identifier registration and renewal services, handling everything on your behalf so you can focus on other business matters.

Why choose our LEI registration and renewal services?

Stay compliant

To continue participating in markets, you need a Legal Entity ID. Without one, you won’t be compliant in the U.S. and other participating jurisdictions and could face financial penalties.

We work with LOUs

Corporate Creations works with Local Operating Units (LOUs) to ensure your LEI is issued in a prompt manner and that all requirements are met.

Streamlined service

We’ll manage the entire LEI registration process. From ensuring all gathered data required for your LEI application is accurate to working with LOUs to obtain your LEI as fast as possible, we aim to offer a smooth service from start to finish.

Annual data updates

Along with offering LEI registration services, we can also help with your LEI renewal. We will also assist with updating your data annually to ensure all records are correct.

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