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Foreign Qualification

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As your company grows, you may want to do business across multiple state lines. If you plan to conduct business other than in your state of incorporation, you’ll need to obtain a Foreign Qualification from the Secretary of State. With a Foreign Qualification certificate, your domestic company will be registered as a foreign entity in another state and legally permitted to carry out business there.

Foreign Qualification requirements differ by state and can often require businesses to file a lot of paperwork. By outsourcing your foreign entity registration to us, we can handle the paperwork preparation filing for you, saving you time to focus on more important business matters.

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Everything handled on your behalf

There are several documents you need to submit to gain a Foreign Qualification, including your Certificate of Authority and Certificate of Good Standing, which we’ll complete and file for you.

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Delivery of your documents

Upon receiving your Foreign Qualification certificate, we’ll deliver this to you in a secure and timely manner so that you can start to transact business in another state immediately.

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Business experts across the U.S.

The experts at Corporate Creations are well-versed in the different business requirements across all U.S. states. Regardless of where you want to operate, we’ll know what the foreign qualification requirements are and help you meet them.

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24/7 customer support

Our dedicated customer support is always available via email and telephone. If you have a query about your Foreign Qualification, you can contact us at any time and speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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