Due diligence and UCC services

Comprehensive due diligence, UCC, and lien search services

Missing even a single document can be detrimental to your due diligence process. When compliance requirements are constantly changing, errors and omissions can easily happen, affecting legal deals and transactions. Therefore, understanding the full scope of due diligence is essential to reduce risk.

Corporate Creations offers due diligence and UCC filing services, as well as comprehensive search services such as fixture and judgment searches and property searches. Whether your search is for residential or commercial, at the county, state, or federal level, or even a Patriot act/OFAC search, our UCC filing and due diligence services offer you complete confidence that your due diligence is handled.

Why choose our UCC and due diligence services?

Comprehensive search filings and liens

Corporate Creations can assist with UCC services and various lien searches, providing you with a comprehensive service and accurate results. The services we offer include the following:

  • UCC filings
  • Federal tax liens
  • State tax liens
  • Fixture searches/filings
  • Judgement searches
  • Litigation searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
Real property searches

We’ll also help with real property searches by offering the following services:

  • Owner verification
  • Open mortgage
  • 10-year grantee/grantor
  • Ownership and encumbrance, residential and/or commercial
  • Tax assessor
  • Assignment of chain for specific mortgage
  • Chain of title search
  • Municipal lien
  • Environmental Protection Agency lien
  • Mechanics lean
  • Flood zone
Make better business decisions

Performing a comprehensive search allows clients to be aware of issues that they are not required to be notified of such as a tax or judgement lien. Targeting the appropriate jurisdictions and lien types, we present granular level detail to help you make better business decisions.

A reliable partner

Working with a partner who performs timely and prompt due diligence and filing searches, with accuracy at the forefront, ensures confidence that it’s handled. We operate across all 50 U.S. states, meaning we can deal with your UCC filing and search requests at all national filing offices.

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